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Château Chalon wine
Château Chalon, a wine from Jura France Vineyards

Château-Chalon is an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée for wines made around the village of Château-Chalon, in the Jura department (Franche-Comté region, France).
The only grape authorized for Château-Chalon is the Savagnin, but these wines are not explicitly labeled as vin jaune.
They are bottled in a traditional bottle called ’clavelin’ that has a capacity of 62 cl, which is, according to local legend, the amount left of a litre of wine after aging in cask for six years and three months - the legal minimum for Chateau Chalon.

In wood casks, during six years, a film of yeast, known as the voile or ’veil’, develops accross the surface of the wine. This voile yeast is similar to the benevolent flor yeast that is used in sherry production, and vin jaune shares some similarities in styles to sherry, though vin jaune is not fortified.

Once bottled, the wine is of great longevity, and can age for several decades.

The wine’s yellow color ranges from pale to deep gold. The Château-Chalon is known for its nutty flavors and aromas, that can develop additional curry notes as the wines ages due to presence of sotolon.

The wines are often paired with the local AOC designated chicken from the nearby region of Bresse. But they shall also be be savoured with Franche-Comté gastronomy : truite au bleu (a trout freshly caught and immediatly boiled in vinegared water), yellow wine trout, chicken with morels, coq au vin jaune, chicken à la comtoise... or with comté cheese cut in small bits, fresh wallnuts, foie gras or dried fruits ...

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