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Klevener wine
Klevener, a wine from Alsace France Vineyards

Klevener de Heiligenstein does have some similarities to wines made from its cousin grape, Gewürztraminer. Both can produce dry wines with a slight spicy flavor that has the potential to age well, especially in favorable vintages. It is less aromatic than Gewürztraminer with higher acidity and lower alcohol levels. Some styles can show a slight buttery flavor. Outside of exceptional vintages, Klevener de Heiligenstein typically has delicate fruit flavors that start to fade after 2–4 years. The wine is not to be confused with other wine made from grape varieties named Klevner, such as Pinot Blanc which have frequently been called Klevner in Alsace, although this use seems on the decline.

Production sites : Gertwiller, Goxwiller, Heiligenstein, Obernai

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