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Chiroubles wine
Chiroubles, a wine from Beaujolais France Vineyards

Chiroubles (AOC) is one of the ten crus from the Beaujolais vineyards. This cru has vineyards at some of the highest altitudes among the Cru Beaujolais. These wines are among the most fine and the most perfumed Beaujolais.

The grape used is Gamay, ’black Gamay with white juice’.

The process used to produce Beaujolais is called ’carbonic maceration’.

About 80 winegrowers take care of its ruby red colour, its aromas, violet, iris, lily of the valley and peony. Its gustatory qualities, close to red fruit, remind of the Gamay. Chiroubles nature is gourmet, giving the feeling to slide along the tongue. Tender, fruity, gourmand, it comes from remarkably homogeneous, meagre and not very deep soils.

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