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Clos de Vougeot wine
Clos de Vougeot, a wine from Burgundy France Vineyards

Clos de Vougeot, also known as Clos Vougeot, is a wall-enclosed vineyard, a clos, in the Burgundy wine region, and an Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) for red wine from this vineyard. The Clos de Vougeot vineyard was created by Cistercian monks of Cîteaux Abbey, the order’s mother abbey.

Both the geological heterogeneity of Clos de Vougeot, and the bewildering array of many small vineyard holders, contribute to making wines produced under the Clos de Vougeot AOC designation very variable in style and quality.

The best Clos de Vougeot wines, when produced in a classical style, are typically dense when young, and robust rather than elegant in style. After some ten years of cellaring, however, Clos de Vougeot wines in this style can have developed into one of the most complete Côte de Nuits wines, and be fully on par with wines from more consistent grand cru vineyards.

Clos Vougeot is produced from Pinot noir : the potential of accumulation of sugars is high, the acidity medium and sometimes just sufficient enough at maturity. Clos Vougeot is powerful, rich, coloured, made for laying down. It’s usually moderatly tannic. It has violet, red fruit, chocolate, liquorice and truffle aromas. It’s fine and delicate.

It fits grilled red meat and Epoisses cheese.

Production sites : Cote de Nuits, Vougeot

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