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Jura wine

Wines of the Jura

Jura is in the North Est of France, located between Switzerland and Burgundy. The vineyards grow on low hills of limestone, and in little valleys of clay. The climate is continental with cold winter times, and harvests are delayed as much as posible to allow the grapes to ripen.

Jura is renowed for its ’vin jaune’ (yellow wine), and its ’vin de paille’ (straw wine).

Yellow wine is made from Savagnin, a local grape variety, and Poulsard, Trousseau, Chardonnay. It owes its mellow and subtle tastes to a particular yeast that develops during the maturation. The wine waits about six years in an oak barrel, and develops sweet aromas of hazelnut, almond, dried fig and apricot, spices.

Straw wine, made from Poulsard, Chardonnay and Savagnin, is so called because the grapes, carefully selected, used to dry once on a straw bed, and because of its colour, that goes from a light yellow to a brown amber. Its aromas are rich, deep, sweet : dried fruits, figs, dates, marmelade... Its shall be served lightly chilled (5-9°).

A sparkling wine, Crémant du Jura, and a sweet liqueur wine, the Macvin, a blend of unfermented wine and of Jura marc.

Jura also produces red wines, Trousseau, Poulsard, Pinot Noir : light wines, fresh and fruity, with aromas of red and black fruits, nuts, truffle. Some of these wines (Trousseau) can be kept almost 30 years.



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