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Patrimonio wine
Patrimonio, a wine from Corsica France Vineyards

Patrimonio is the best known Corsica wine.
The Nielluccio grape is the main variety and usually composes up to 95% of the regions AOC red and rosé wines.
The white wines of the regions are often 100% Vermentino.

The red Patrimonio develops aromas of vanilla and black berry ; it fits with meat stew, grilled chicken, game meat, Brocciu, Niolo (Corsica cheeses). It can be cellared from 3 to 7 years.

The white Patrimonio smells of white flowers. It fits with fish, cheese, and can be kept about 3 years.

The rose Patrimonio smells of red fruit, and fits with aperitif, salads, exotic dishes. Like the whites, it can be cellared 3 years.

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