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Saint-Verand wine
Saint-Verand, a wine from Beaujolais France Vineyards

It is a pale golden colour when young, taking on a rich amber hue over time and often improving with age. Wine connaisseurs appreciated Saint-Veran’s qualities before the appellation was officially recognized. With its complex, ample and elegant bouquet, this typical Burgundy wine offers round, powerful flavours on the palate. Depending on the year and the batch, one can detect fruity notes of white peach, apple or pear, or floral notes of lime-blossom or acacia that give way, over time, to notes of hazelnut or almond, offset by delicate touches of honey, vanilla and flint. It can for example be matched with chicken in a cream sauce, veal sweetbreads or fish. Saint-Véran should be served at around 11°C and is best opened a few minutes before being served, allowing time for the full richness of its aroma to be released.

Production sites : Saint-Verand, Saint-Amour, Solutré-Pouilly

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