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Wines from the United States of America. American wines. US wine

There are many wine regions in the U.S.A. The major wine-producing regions are:
- West Coast of the United States (we find here the majority of American wine production, in California, Washington & Oregon)
- East Coast of the U.S.A (New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, …)
- Southwestern U.S.A (Texas, New Mexico, …)
- Midwestern U.S.A (Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, …)
- Great Lakes region (Ohio, Michigan, …)
- Rocky Mountain Region (Idaho, Colorado, …)

The most popular grapes used in the USA are:
- Cabernet Franc
- Chardonnay
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Merlot
- Riesling
- Gewürztraminer
- Pinot Gris
- Pinot Noir
- Syrah
- Sauvignon Blanc



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